Welcome!discover the fabulous artwork of our family!

Discover my Aunty´s  Rosa Neumann tiny animals, herbs and landscapes on self-colored duck, ostrich and chicken eggs.

Small works of art only to see in original in Aunty Rosa´s home- and workplace.  To visit her please dial (0049 ) 05374 15 00. Kunst auf Enten- und Strausseneiern: Rosa Neumann, Isenbüttel, Tel. 05374 15 00

You want a unique gift for your partner or a portrait of the special kind? Then you're in the right place at my cousine Julia´s photostudio!

Julia, my cousine, will transform you to a real  Queen or King!

With her fabulous robes  and make-up designs she creates uniquely beautiful pictures in her homework photoatelier.  Fotostudio Vintage-Queen, Julia Kapp, Alte Krugstraße 6, D-38165 Lehre, Tel: 05301-90 26 77 www.vintage-queen.net